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Zatka Machine Parts
We are offerng a wide range of high-performance Zatka Machine Parts that are commonly used to build reliable electrical fence around agicultural fields. Get these products in bulk at a reasonable and low price.
Solar Fence Guard
Solar Fence Guards harness the power of sunlight turning an electrified fencing system into a powerful intruder deterrent, presenting an environmentally friendly perimeter security solution. These devices, using solar panels to generate electricity rank among some of the most innovative security measures for both residential and commercial as well as industrial purposes.
Solar Zatka Machine Transformer
Solar Zatka Machine Transformer units are combined systems consisting of solar panels and power optimizers that convert sunlight directly into the low voltage electricity needed for electric fencing systems. The introduction of these creative transformers that generate their own clean energy, ensures an eco-friendly and autonomous power source for livestock containment on farms or ranches.
Solar Fencing System
Solar Fencing Systems use solar panels and power optimizers to generate electricity, making them independent source of energy that can be used for electrical fences without batteries or the grid. These eco-friendly perimeter barriers are cost effective, sustainable solutions well suited for ranches, farms and other places away from civilization.
Zatka Machine Body
The Zatka Machine Body enclosures are tough housings meant to protect the critical elements of electric fencing systems under harsh outdoor settings. These IP66-rated enclosures are precision-engineered from durable materials, which protect pulse generators, transformers, and controllers from weather dust or impact while ensuring proper ventilation.
Solar Fence Energizer
Solar Fence Energizer machines combine solar panels and high-voltage pulse generators to produce clean energy for electric fencing. These machines are perfect alternatives in remote locations offering economical and sustainable protection for agriculture, wildlife control, and security applications.
Electric Fence
Utilizing Electric Fence Energizer Machines generates safe non-lethal high voltage pulses that can deter animals without killing them. These machines with adjustable outputs make possible humane animal control in farms, ranches, and zoos.
Solar Energizer
Solar Energizer machines utilize integrated solar panels to generate renewable electricity for powering electric fencing systems autonomously. By converting sunlight into the energy required for high-voltage pulsing, these innovative energizers provide sustainable perimeter protection without batteries or wiring.
Security Fence
Security Fence systems are used as perimeter barriers to provide fool-proof protection. These systems are driven by mains electricity or solar panels, and they produce immobilizing non-lethal pulses along the fence line that discourage potential threats.

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